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You know it. Your family and you deserve a better lifestyle. You want a better place you can call your own. Contempo Builder presents Marbella Subdivision, a new idea of home waits for you.
Having in mind your privacy, comfort and convenience, Marbella Subdivision offers three different floor plans, all built to the Energy Star standards and surrounded by landscapes and a beautiful lake that greets you from the start. With easy, fast access to freeways 610, I-45 and 290.

So think about it. Your chance of having the home of your dreams is just in front of you. Visit Marbella Subdivision now and discover a whole new world for you and your family. Experience a new meaning of the word “home”.
Marbella Subdivision is just 15 minutes away from Downtown Houston, the Medical Center and The Galleria, just to name a few places.


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Marbella subdivision
5402 Rosslyn Rd, Houston, TX 77091